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The Five I Love....... (to HATE!!!)

I was Tweeting earlier today, checking for updates and making sure all my fabulous fit Twitter Peeps were having amazing, excellent days full of productivity, cardio, and resisting peanut butter. Then I saw that one of my favorite blog writers EVER, Figure Competitor Donloree Hoffman, was doing her daily blog on the "5 Exercises I Love to Hate..." and did anyone want to join in? Great idea, my brilliant gem of a friend! (Wait up, hold on one second- before you read further, visit this link and bookmark it for later reading, It's a can't miss!!!

Hmmmmm. Five exercises that I love..... to hate. Here goes, my amazing readers!

1. Running.
While this is not a set exercise per se, (I'd classify it as more of a movement) Good Lord, I DETEST running. Walking on an incline on the treadmill? Psssh. Could do it The StairMill (torture machine hated by many) Love it. Running? So.boring. Makes me out of breath and feel like an unattractive, slightly overweight, asthmatic woman. So that's my first that I love to hate and thankfully, no one on my contest prep team is making me do it!!!!!!!

2. Weighted Walking Lunges.
Ugh. The last time I did these was during a leg session with Tabitha, my trainer. I did them while holding a 20lb pair of dumbbells.... She had me walk across the gym and back and do three sets. So.painful. The burn is intense, and I was breathing so heavy! Of course, that was one of the days Professional Wrestler John Cena was visiting our gym. I'm sure I looked like a total hottie as I lunged passed him begging for mercy.

3. Lying Hamstring Curls.
These freakin burn like a b*tch!!! Hams are an area I need to improve, and mine are also weak. I make myself do these because they work! It's no good to have amazing legs from the front... then you turn around and it's like, whoa, what happened?!

4. Hanging Leg Raises for Abs
. These are soooooo hard for me! Core is another area I need to work on, and these are so challenging. I can't truly do them properly yet, but I still attempt them in my ab workouts because I know I need to get stronger!!!

5. Stretching. Again, not exactly an "exercise." Stretching is so important though.... I just always seem to forgo that first when I'm time crunched. I want to be flexible, and I'm so not! Remind me to work on this! ;)

So there you have it..... Just WRITING about these made me tired! There's no shortcuts to a phenomenal physique though... and in my experience, if I HATE something, it usually means I need to do it!!!

Maybe I'll do a blog on my five FAVORITE exercises soon..... now that would be fun ;)

XOXO, BikiniAshley

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

When was the last time U challenged yourself?

Here's what makes Donloree full of dread:

She is an amazing writer- go read her entry right now!

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I'm going to add in everyone else's link in a few moments! Weekend craziness! <3

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